IMDb rating count hits 1000+

My IMDb ratings have hit 1000+, sometimes we argue why I’ve given a certain rating to a movie. I am still not dead inside so my emotions can tend to factor in on how I rate a movie and what mood I was in when I rated the movie, eventually the after-taste matters. But here is how I grade my ratings scale..

1-2-3 is wtf why did I do this to my self stopped half way.. consciously not completed… reserved for classics such as twilight amongst others..

4 is made me fall asleep didn’t bother to complete if I woke up..

5 is below average probabaly played at x1.5 speed or forwarded parts

6 is average.. managed to complete without the need to skip parts but will never watch again

7 is good kept engaged but may not watch willingly again

8 is very good can easily re-watch with someone else or alone..

9 is great can watch many times again anytime could even buy the dvd

10 is exceptional