Nike Zoom Turbo 2 : The Review I Should Have Found

The Nike running series is on every other foot in a race and they are one of the most competitive running shoes in the market but of all the review and now after using them for six months there are some things that I should have figured out before I bought the shoes.

First of all the description on the Nike page is absolutely relevant, amongst all the pundits and so-called running gurus, despite all the big opinions, this page, though brief has the most accurate information when you are selecting between the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36, Nike Zoom (Pegasus) Turbo 2, Nike Zoom Fly 3 and Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%.

Read this: Nike Zoom Running Series for more details.

The Nike Zoom Turbo 2 is an amazing shoe but has its drawback and if I knew what to expect then this review wouldn’t be written.

The Good:

  • The shoe is very very light – stripped of all nonessentials
  • The ZoomX and React Foam combo is comfortable to the knees and back, ideal for people who have pains usually after a run
  • A good long easy run shoe
  • Would suit you if you like the more au naturel foot feeling while running


The Bad:

  • The “tongue” is horrible! it doesn’t sit well on the foot if you have a narrow foot it gets crumpled up when you tie the shoes tight.
  • The Laces are just “too modern” – need to be kept simple like Adidas…
  • Top laces are uncomfortable due to the minimalistic tongue cushion on a narrow foot
  • The very comfortable sole is good for the knees but bad for speed records
  • The squishy feeling you get doesn’t help to propel you forward
  • No Spring == No Carbon Plate so there is no stiffness or arch support like the carbon plate in the “speed” models – the Fly3 and the Next% or the torsion tech in the Adidas.

Here is a quick guide for the Nike series that might help narrow down your choice…

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

  • A casual runner – occasional 5K
  • No Carbon Plate == No Propulsion == No Speed Records
  • Cheapest of the range
  • Everyday shoe == Won’t be judged a marathoner if you wear it to work…

Nike Zoom (Pegasus) Turbo 2

  • Long-distance runner 10km+
  • Do not have a narrow foot
  • Not concerned with Speed
  • Wish to protect your knees

Nike Zoom Fly 3

  • Want speed records
  • Firmer cushion (does not use the squishy ZoomX) and carbon plates give propulsion
  • Cheaper than the turbo2 and outperforms it
  • Perfect for 5km, 10km Race day shoe
  • You save money, but gain Speed – No ZoomX == less pricey than the Turbo2 and Next%

Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%

  • Carbon Plate + 100% ZoomX == Speed + Comfort == $$$
  • I am an Elite Athlete
  • I like to shave off seconds in long runs as I am operating at peak performance
  • I have the money and/or sponsorships to pay for  a €250 shoe
  • Running half/full Marathons