Making a WatchFace for my Garmin 945

I wanted a clean watch face with a font of my liking and the date and battery status in the format I use in day to day life, still have to figure out some bugs (features?!) to make it better. For instance the seconds only start moving once I gesture the wrist..

Here is the code in case any one would like to have a look.

//navtaz 2019.06.09 Consolas basic watchface

using Toybox.WatchUi as Ui;
using Toybox.Graphics as Gfx;
using Toybox.System as Sys;
using Toybox.Lang as Lang;
using Toybox.Application as App;
using Toybox.Time as Tim;
using Toybox.Time.Gregorian as Gre;

class watchface_10View extends Ui.WatchFace {

function initialize() {

var customFont = null;
var consolasSmall = null;
var consolasHalf = null;

function onLayout(dc) {
customFont = Ui.loadResource(Rez.Fonts.customFont);
consolasSmall = Ui.loadResource(Rez.Fonts.consolasSmall);
consolasHalf = Ui.loadResource(Rez.Fonts.consolasHalf);

function onUpdate(dc) {
dc.setColor (Gfx.COLOR_BLACK, Gfx.COLOR_BLACK);

var today_MED =, Tim.FORMAT_MEDIUM);
var today_SH =, Tim.FORMAT_SHORT);
var dateString = Lang.format("$1$ $2$.$3$.$4$",[today_MED.day_of_week, today_SH.year, today_SH.month.format("%02d"),"%02d")]);
var clockTime = System.getClockTime();

var myBatt = Sys.getSystemStats().battery;
var battstring = Lang.format("$1$ $2$$3$", ["batt:", myBatt.format("%02d"),"%"]);

var hour = clockTime.hour;
if (!Sys.getDeviceSettings().is24Hour){
hour = hour % 12;
if (hour == 0){
hour = 12;

var hourdig = hour.format("%02d");
var mindig = clockTime.min.format("%02d");
var secdig = clockTime.sec.format("%02d");
var timeString = Lang.format("$1$:$2$", [hourdig.toString(), mindig.toString()]);

//print time

dc.setColor(Gfx.COLOR_LT_GRAY, Gfx.COLOR_BLACK);
dc.drawText(dc.getWidth()/2, 35, consolasSmall, dateString, Gfx.TEXT_JUSTIFY_CENTER);

dc.setColor(Gfx.COLOR_WHITE, Gfx.COLOR_BLACK);
dc.drawText(94, 79, customFont,timeString , Gfx.TEXT_JUSTIFY_CENTER);

dc.setColor(Gfx.COLOR_WHITE, Gfx.COLOR_BLACK);
dc.drawText(240, 103, consolasHalf, secdig.toString(), Gfx.TEXT_JUSTIFY_RIGHT);

dc.setColor(Gfx.COLOR_LT_GRAY, Gfx.COLOR_BLACK);
dc.drawText(dc.getWidth()/2, 182, consolasSmall,battstring , Gfx.TEXT_JUSTIFY_CENTER);


function onShow() {

function onHide() {

function onExitSleep() {

function onEnterSleep() {