The Day I Got Scammed

My wife found this really attractive deal to buy Canada Goose jackets on Facebook with more than 80% discounts, she wanted to buy this jacket but was hesitating, so to make her happy I decided to buy the jacket she was looking into. In my hastiness I didn’t do the usual paranoid checks on security and went ahead and just bought the jacket.


The comments have only now begin to pop up and warn people of this scam but for me unfortunately the first clue to my stupidity came to light when I got the email after the payment from an unrelated email domain:

If there’s any question about  the ship date,order quality,cancellations,etc. we suggest you can send inquiries to our after-sales customer service directly to save your time(there is always an email address/”contact us” button on the website), If you couldn’t get a reply from them in time, kindly feel free to contact us  based on THIS email,it is easier for our action.

With no detail of the product I purchased and any way to track the product or information on delivery and return, as all of this was already out of my comfort area I started to read the terms and conditions of return, and unlike usual shops there was no refund policy, this made me more suspicious so I looked up the link on and the reliability rating was low, with the sites owner based in china and new sites popping up with similar details:

Title: Welcome to Web Store!
Description: : – Safety Sunglasses Polarized Sunglasses Goggles Sunglasses Active Sports Sunglasses Me
Type: fashion,Sports,Shoes,sunglasses,sunglasses
Domain Age: 15 Days
Website Speed: Average
Organisation: xu xiao dong
Owner: xu xiao dong
Owner Address: xia zhuang zhen yi min cun 473 hao
Owner City: gao mi shi
Owner Postcode: 261500
Phone Number: +86.015807741236 
Phone Type: generic:
Owner Country : China 
Website Location  : France 

So I mailed back to the email I had received on completion of the order and got another email from a gmail address of a Mr. Woolf Watt in essence telling to not ask for a refund:

Thanks for your order firstly. If you want to cancel the order, it may need 1-3 months for the different international bank to handle the refund, so we do not suggest you to do so. Please check again your final decision and then reply us soon. Hope your understanding. Thanks for your time and patience.

Accompanied by a series of grammatical mistakes and spelling errors, and mention of “international banks” it was obvious I had been duped.

I am still quite sure that if I let the order through I would get A Jacket but instead of goose down it would be filled with chicken feather, instead of coyote fur it would have dog fur and instead of being made by the hard working Canadian folk it would be made in a sweat shop in China.

I’m not angry at the online shop that is running this scam, I am angry at myself for not picking up on the series of red flags along the way. I cancelled my credit cards and ordered new ones as my paranoid self was back in action. My lapse in judgement motivated by the love for my wife only tells me that the most paranoid of us can become victims of scams in those moments we let our guard down.

This also reaffirms my belief that Facebook is polluted by scams, ads and all that nasty crap that appears after analyzing your browsing trends, targeting unsuspecting and possibly unsophisticated users (like my mother and your mother) preying on the simplicity of common folk. These fake operation use the warmth and security of the Facebook community to make you let your guard down and become a victim of internet fraud.



You will receive a jacket.. but beware the customs duties and the fact that there is no way to return it.. and well I have shopped in China during my travels there and this is possibly the lowest level of fakes out there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the fur on the hood is fake or the tail of a dog that just became food..

Here is what you’ll look like this when you wear this polyester filled monstrosity.. size M for women..



Possibly the best Free Anti-Virus out there

I have been looking for Free antivirus which don’t affect the performance of my machines.
The top options as reviewed by techradar and PCMAG are the usual, AVG , Panda and AVAST but this time around I have possibly found the best option out there – Bit Defender.
Bit Defender scores well by:
  • Using a clean light interface
  • Does not consume resources
  • Has proven to have a good real-time shield
  • Is effective in catching malware, both from test scores and my personal experience.
  • Is free
  • Found a Trojan on my OneDrive which Microsoft had been missing for weeks..!

Like all things free there are drawbacks:

  • Lack of configurability
  • A nonexistent(?) quarantine management function

By logging in with an account of your choosing you get unlimited free protection – otherwise its limited to 30 days and of course the paid version will offer much more in terms of all round protection.

For advanced user who are well aware of where not to stray off too and with a decent awareness of the security threats on the internet this definitely a tool that I recommend exploring.

For the first time in forever..

I have found an app that  has changed my life.. Shush! Ringer Restorer – despite the somewhat corny language it uses.. it has become the one app that is used most frequently.

I have been bad at disabling the silent or vibrate mode on my phone, annoying friends and family by being unreachable.. so now each time you set your phone to vibrate the app will ask you when to switch it back on..! Simple and effective and a remarkable 4,7 star rating. Shush! Ringer Restorer- screenshot

It should be built in to every smartphone with quick access functionality, and integrated into the “Do not disturb” (DND) functionality introduced in Android 5.1.

Meet and Greet – Engineers Networking..

I am off to network with the engineering community tonight and in a long time I don’t have any company issued business cards. So I went to this really clean website to create a QR code that I would have on my phone for people to scan – yes this sounds nerdy but when everyone has smartphones reading a QR shouldn’t a big deal, we’ll test and see tonight.. is great allows you a number of options as text, contact card or links and the files are downloadable as PNG or JPG with out the need to subscribe

Then of course I need to learn to post multiple pictures  and see how they will showup on my latest Theme..

Changing FONT now..!

Testing Themes

Well there’s a limit to what you can do for free but testing a lot of themes to see how things appear.

So it turns out not all themes do well with pictures, after a lot of swapping “Baskerville” by Anders Norénone seems to be doing well with both pictures and text as I would like it to be.