Stan the Syndrome and many more from The Sacred Register

In 1998 while taking summer classes in the 12th grade, Zeek and I started doodling on a register… it was a mix of anthems, propaganda, animations and most importantly the names of our alter egos that we would one day use to dominate the world.

I lost the register when I took it with me to university… I still hope deep inside that it will one day appear from under some boxes that have my past lives in. But two decades ago when we received emails we printed them and thanks to that, today Zeek found something that brought back those memories of evenings not paying attention to the teachers who had given up their time, trying in vain to make us better versions of ourselves and instead we were cooking up some pretty nasty aliases in THE SACRED REGISTER..

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-26 at 15.01.13

Jerry Grey Cell Sucker
Tommy Tumor
Detonating Dave
Rojer Typhoon
Sam Wham
Sinatra the Savage
Phillip Psychoses
Marcus G3
Rocco the Saint
Joe Grenade
Jason Jaguar
Chico Chameleon
Terrible 2T
Nicholas Deadly
Cecil Cyanide
Papa Potash
Grandpa Disaster
Dexter Dreadful
Zombie Zeek
Charles Repeater
Tommy the Titan
Hyper Hercules
Horrible Henderson
Cane Cruelty
Knuckles Nuclear
Larry Scary
Sinister Cobra
Caustic Cobra
Electric Eek
Freaky Fredrik
Landmine Christoffer
Lunatic Larry
Mick Molecule
Atomic Sam
Bum Kisser Henry
Barbwire Bum
Kick Butt Charlie
Stan Stain Gun
Romey Stoneheart
Psycho Smith
Dynamite Dan
Barry the Butcher
Chainsaw Charlie
Barry the Blade
Mark Razor
Explosive Earnie
Smooth Sammy
Psycho Smith
Daring Dan
Sonic Boom
Resonating Rick
Destructive Dick
Merciless Mark
Murderous Mason
Ballistic Billy
Volatile Vick
Radioactive Robert
Redeye Richie
Victor the Warrior
Hazardous Harry
Stuart Strangler
Laser Larry
Torturous Timothy
Anthony Third Degree
Butch the Gator
Sharky Hanson
Hitman Bruno
Pissed off Pete
Shit Head Shirly <<< the first female antagonist!
Chain Reaction Kate  <<< ( I think the idea of a cast of women finally clicked)
Lazarus Rodriguez
Killer Casey
Cut Throat Kitty
Angelino Catastrophe
Stan the Syndrome
Don Disease
Earnest Epidemic
Brainless Barrister
Nick Narcotics
Gutsy Graziano
Harry Hypnotic
Nunchuk Nancy
Jerome Godfather
Nemesis Nuthead
Terry TNT
Johnny Jolt
Dirty Derek
Sam the Sandpaper
Calamity Sam
Slick Rick
Sally Slut
Gruesome Gonzales
Wacko Jacko