Faith in Humanity

While cycling to work I found someones keys on the road, the responsible thing I thought would be to pick the keys up and try to get them to their rightful owner and thats what the good Samaritan in me did. Luckily one of the keys had a serial number and the manufacturers name. I called the company and told them I found a set of keys and one of them is made by you and had this and this serial number. The person I talked to on the phone thanked me and said the owner would call me.

The guy called me in the afternoon, I asked him to describe the keys and he did that, then I asked if he’d like to meet up and I could give him the keys.. He said he wouldn’t be home until late, nobody was home but their young daughter and if I could drop the keys in his mailbox that´d be the best for him.. I said fine, let me know your address and I’ll put the keys in the mailbox..

The following sms conversation ensued..


I couldn’t resist sending the last sms later that night.. my wife says I’m cynical and paranoid and told me to admire the faith people have in the goodness in society.

Needless to say I never received a reply for my last sms, possibly because I sound like a creep, but I hope its out of the guys realization of the possible outcome ones choices could have. Either way, maybe we both learnt something today.

Happy Birthday Mr. Kucinski!