Quick Guide: Moving to Sweden

Assuming that you already have a valid work/study permit here are a few things that must be done in the first few days..

  • Find an accommodation
    This is not easy but by being proactive and putting out an “ad” for your self on sites such as blocket.se and presenting yourself well the chances improve dramatically

    Your first accommodation might be a “second hand accommodation” or Andrahand in swedish that means you are renting from some one who is him/herself a “first-hand renter”, eventually after arriving you will get your bearings aligned and aim for finding a first-hand rent – although queues are long and tiring in bigger cities so one must be patient.

    Second hand contracts are not unusual – but make sure you have a written agreement and have agreed on the deposit and terms for leaving the accommodation if needs be, record all irregularities in the apartment and take pictures on the very first days and share them with the person yo are renting from – its very common to end up paying for pre existing faults in the apartment when you are about to leave – meaning that your deposit is docked.
  • The correct mailing address!
    May seem insignificant but can cause undelivered mail.. If renting second hand remember, if the original renter has not removed his name, remember when giving out your address to mention explicitly “c/o John Doe” so the mail isn’t bounced back.
  • Important Documents
    Bring your Passport, Resident permit, Marriage certificate (if along with a spouse) and Birth certificates (if with kids) and the respective Passports of each person moving to Sweden when you go to Skatteverket etc

    It would be helpful for your future if you attest all your documents such as marriage certificates, university degrees and qualifications from your local government authorities like the foreign office before coming to Sweden.
  • Get a Phone and SIM
    You cannot get a monthly subscription until you have a personnummer, but take any prepaid sim and put some money inside to make it functional, a phone number is needed.

Without a “personnummer” you don’t exist and cannot function in Swedish society [fullstop]

This is the most time consuming task, can take from 30-60 days and before this happens many other things will not proceed.
  • Register your self in Sweden by visiting Skatteverket
    The most important requirement as a new resident is to register with the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). This registration process (folkbokföring) ensures you’re added into the system for tax collection, personal identification, marital status monitoring, mailing address information and insurance purposes.

    By registering with the Tax Agency, you will be assigned a unique personal identification number, ‘personnummer‘ (similar to the British National Insurance number).

    Your legal identity in Sweden hinges on this key number and it is used for everyday official tasks such as opening up bank accounts and getting paid by your employer.

    This online application is the starting point
    The application is self explanatory and must be done as soon have reached your new accommodation in Sweden..
  • Get the “personbevis
    Once you have got an acknowledgment of your personnummer you can request a personbevis either by visiting one of the offices here
    You would need this personbevis to open a bank account or show your person number. It must be accompanied by a valid Photo ID like a passport.
  • Open a Bank Account
    Most banks will ask for the personbevis, with a valid photo ID and a job contract to open a bank account. Nordea is a good option and has good apps and tools also in English. You will need to go with your employer to the bank to make an account that is based on a temporary personnummer… you can receive your salary here but will not be issue a credit card against it..

    One you have the personnummer you will have to visit the bank again to get a bank ID for identification and credit cards.
  • Bank ID
    When you get a bank account you also will get a bank ID – this is a must have as it is used to electronically validate your identity in countless websites and government authorities. The Personnummer is mandatory to proceed with this.
  • Your Healthcare Center – Vårdcentralen 
    Find your closest one here – you will register there when you make your first visit, sickness, pregnancy etc. etc.. but you should know where the closest ones are..
    —> Dialing 1177 on your phone connects you to a healthcare professional for basic needs.
  • Migrationsverket
    This is not the most important thing as your first visa is valid for a few months but just important to take the time and make an early morning trip to the Migrationsverket to complete the paper work here.

Essential Apps for your Phone:

  • https://www.skanetrafiken.se/ (for Skåne)
    The one and only app you need for transportation in Skåne.
    If you don’t have a a phone or a credit card (to register the app) goto the customer support centers at the central stations.
  • BankID säkerhetsapp – The bank ID app is needed as a digital token for validating your identity

Other Essentials

  • Blocket.se – The biggest second hand market place on the web for Sweden
  • Stadium – One of the biggest sports good and out door wear shops, “Everest” is a good brand to start with for jackets, later on splurge when you know your needs..
  • Prisjakt – a good place to compare prices of anything electronics or shoes on all webshops
  • Försäkringskassan – Social healthcare, sickness and parental benfits.
  • https://nya.boplats.se/