For the first time in forever..

I have found an app that  has changed my life.. Shush! Ringer Restorer – despite the somewhat corny language it uses.. it has become the one app that is used most frequently.

I have been bad at disabling the silent or vibrate mode on my phone, annoying friends and family by being unreachable.. so now each time you set your phone to vibrate the app will ask you when to switch it back on..! Simple and effective and a remarkable 4,7 star rating. Shush! Ringer Restorer- screenshot

It should be built in to every smartphone with quick access functionality, and integrated into the “Do not disturb” (DND) functionality introduced in Android 5.1.


Meet and Greet – Engineers Networking..

I am off to network with the engineering community tonight and in a long time I don’t have any company issued business cards. So I went to this really clean website to create a QR code that I would have on my phone for people to scan – yes this sounds nerdy but when everyone has smartphones reading a QR shouldn’t a big deal, we’ll test and see tonight.. is great allows you a number of options as text, contact card or links and the files are downloadable as PNG or JPG with out the need to subscribe

Then of course I need to learn to post multiple pictures  and see how they will showup on my latest Theme..

Changing FONT now..!

Testing Themes

Well there’s a limit to what you can do for free but testing a lot of themes to see how things appear.

So it turns out not all themes do well with pictures, after a lot of swapping “Baskerville” by Anders Norénone seems to be doing well with both pictures and text as I would like it to be.