Seriously Dany!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.. and worse then hell it was. Episode 5 ended with many an epic battles and hugs. But Dany really f**cked it up by driving the womens movement back decades by demonstrating that rational behaviors is yet another myth for a wannabe Targaryens queen. Talking of Targaryens, is Jon really one? Everything that has happened this far just proves to say like most men on earth the men of Westros have no clue what goes inside a womens head and why you should fear womankind as a rule, and those dragons.. they must die, nobody must have a weapon like that.

It likely that in the last episode Arya attempts to assassinate Dany but gets intercepted by Jon, after a brief exchange of blows Arya kills Jon with needle in an an emotional tear jerking moment. Arya then using Jons face kills Dany.

Giuseppe von Bruni predicts a rather different story arc with a fight between Jon and Dany. It begins when Dany tells Jon if she is really his queen he must follow her against Sansa because she betrayed her this is followed by Dany killing Tyrion for his insubordination, this will be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back and triggers Jon to fight against her. Of course since Dany lacks any real skill of her own it is the dragon that fights on her behalf. As the dragoon spits fire at Jon she is shocked to find that he is also immune to dragon fire. In this shock Dany is distracted and gets sliced by LongClaw. Meanwhile in the north Arya after suffering from PTSD due to the events of the last battle realizes she wants to be a good wife and marries Gendry.

Oscar Turan predicts a rather hopeful and less bloody affair where Arya assassinates Denerys.. Jon marries Sansa and rules as the rightful king of the seven kingdoms, rightful heir to the iron tron. The dragon will fly north and live and with three eyed raven.

Dr. Maciej is yet to formulate his theory and will join us shortly in these final predictions, but with a monarchy close to extinction maybe westeros chooses to become a republic.




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